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Ready to meet the real you? I'm here to help!

Get the 1-on-1 attention your healing deserves. We'll collaborate together to increase your sense of security, resilience, and comfort as you navigate this time of transformation. Prefer a group setting? View my public events.

It's your turn...
Why I teach accessible yoga...
  • How is trauma-sensitive meditation different from other meditation?
    Trauma survivors have unique considerations that can make meditation post-traumatic stress worse. The principals and benefits of trauma-sensitive meditation are the same, but the way we practice is drastically different. We will not be engaging with anything that is dysregulating and instead will focus on thriving within a safe practice that will naturally open the window of tolerance. An expanded window of tolerance means more of your life is enjoyable and worth savoring!
  • What is somatic resourcing?
    Dysregulation is when you are living outside of your window of tolerance. This can look like anxiety, panic, rage, depression, etc. Somatic Resourcing is the process of using the mind-body connection to find mechanisms (resources) that help you find your way back to regulation (a state of focused, calm attention). Trauma survivors frequently live their lives in chronic dysregulation. By finding regulation again, you will be more capable of successfully processing your experiences and be more resilient to the triggers and stresses of daily life.
  • Can I use your yoga 1-on-1 sessions for weight loss?
    The 1-on-1 yoga sessions are not designed for weight loss. Instead, I recommend these sessions for those looking for: increased mobility, mindful movement/moving meditation, skills assistance, and help with asana accessibility.
  • Can your 1-on-1 sessions treat my [insert condition]?
    No. I am not a licensed mental health practitioner, and I cannot diagnose or treat any condition.
  • Are 1-on-1 sessions online only?
    Clients living within Salt Lake and Utah counties have the option for me to travel to them at an additional fee. All other clients will be serviced via Zoom.
  • Do you accept insurance?
    Unfortunately, I am unable to accept insurance for my services.
  • Who do you work with?
    I work with clients who are open to non-traditional healing sessions. You should be in a place where you can safely interact with emotions, even if they are uncomfortable. If you have a clinically diagnosable disorder, I will request the information of your mental health provider so that I know you have professional support in the unlikely event of a mental health emergency. Certain health conditions can increase risk for certain modalities – in these situations I will recommend alternative practices that I believe to be safer for the client to the best of my knowledge. My practice does not discriminate against people of any identity. Our work together, however, requires significant collaboration. If I feel like I cannot successfully collaborate with you on your journey for any reason, any remaining balances on your purchased program will be refunded, and I will offer any referrals that I can.
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