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We'll See: Book 1, The Emotional Literacy and Mindful Fables

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"Healing our communities begins by teaching our children stories that connect them to their emotions, bodies, and lived experience through a lens of imagination, nature, and discovery." -Jessa Hooley, Author

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What these fables seek to accomplish:

Simplify complex emotional literacy and mindfulness skills.

Design concepts broadly to resonate across various backgrounds.

Make concepts meaningful through memorable metaphors.

Welcome to "The Emotional Literacy and Mindful Fables


Hello dear friend,

I'm Jessa Hooley, the mind and heart behind "The Emotional Literacy and Mindful Fables." If you've ever wished for a simple way to discuss big feelings and mindfulness with the little ones in your life, you've landed in the right spot. These aren't just children's picture books; they're gateways to understanding and growth for readers aged 4-10—and the adults in their lives.

Why These Books Matter

In a world buzzing with distractions and quick fixes, nurturing emotional literacy and mindfulness from a young age is more crucial than ever. But let's face it, explaining concepts like empathy, gratitude, and self-compassion to kids can feel like trying to explain why the sky is blue—important, but oh-so-tricky.

That's where "The Emotional Literacy and Mindful Fables" come in. These stories simplify complex emotional literacy and mindfulness skills, wrap them in memorable metaphors, and ensure they're relatable across various backgrounds. My dream? To hand caregivers a toolkit of stories that open up meaningful conversations and lessons.


The Magic Inside

Each fable is set in nature's own classroom, using its landscapes and creatures to weave lessons that children are naturally drawn to. After all, what kid (or adult, for that matter) doesn't find a bit of themselves in the untamed wild?

From the gentle sway of willow trees teaching flexibility and boundaries to the steadfastness of the oak showing us the power of presence, the imagery and allegory in these books bring emotional and mindfulness concepts to vivid life. And with each story followed by discussion prompts, the learning goes beyond the last page.


Not Just Stories, But Experiences

Beyond the beautifully detailed illustrations and powerful narratives, I'm excited to share that activity books will accompany these fables. Because learning? It's not just about listening; it's about doing, feeling, and living the lessons.


From My Heart to Yours

My journey to creating these books wasn't just professional; it was deeply personal. Growing up in an environment of developmental trauma, I discovered the healing power of emotional literacy and mindfulness as an adult. These books are my way of reaching out—not just to help prevent abusive situations by fostering emotionally aware and mindful kids that grow into well-regulated adults, but also to offer a comforting, understanding voice to children who might be experiencing what I went through.


Ready to Explore?

Available as eBooks, hardcovers, paperbacks, and audiobooks—whether you're looking for single stories or collections, there's a format for every preference. Dive into the world of children's mindfulness books and early learning picture books that promise more than just a story—they offer a journey.


Join This Journey

If "The Emotional Literacy and Mindful Fables" speaks to your heart, I invite you to join me. Purchase your copies from your preferred retailer, including right here on this site, and subscribe to our email list to stay updated on new releases in the collection.

Here's to nurturing the next generation with the gift of emotional literacy and mindfulness, one fable at a time.


Jessa Hooley

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