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Meet your facilitator, Jessa

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Jessa Hooley

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What I do.

Hello, I'm Jessa. I'm a Holistic Trauma Practitioner – helping individuals and groups heal from traumatic experiences uses body-based methods such as yoga, breathwork, bodywork, somatic integration, and meditation. I currently offer 1-on-1 and group healing sessions, both in-person and online.


In addition to my trauma work, I am the author and publisher of The Emotional Literacy and Mindful Fables picture book series – written to support children and their grown-ups in the process of embodied healing and trauma prevention.

My training.

I only offer modalities that I have had 1) personal healing experience with and 2) proper training to safely facilitate. I am formally trained to facilitate survivors through:

  • Biodynamic Breathwork Trauma Release© (BBTRS©)

  • Vinyasa, restorative, and accessible yoga (RYT-200)

  • Trauma-sensitive mindfulness meditation

  • Somatic trauma integration

I am not a licensed mental health provider, nor do I diagnose or attempt to treat any mental health conditions. I am here to create a guided container for you to navigate your own healing with the tools of my practice.

Why this matters to me.

I come to this work from a very personal perspective. I was raised in a cult-religion that romanticized trauma and protected my abusers. My mother died from suicide when I was eleven after having struggled through her own abusive relationship for over a decade. 


I have a long history of developmental and interpersonal trauma that brought me to my knees in my early twenties. I was first diagnosed with anxiety at 20, obsessive compulsive disorder at 27, and depression at 28. From my teenage years and through my twenties I was plagued with untreatable chronic pain, chronic fatigue, and ongoing panic attacks. 

I found yoga and meditation in the midst of those precarious years, and they kept me alive as I struggled with my own thoughts of suicide.  

It wasn't until I was in my thirties that I found a trauma specialist who helped me acknowledge my history of serious developmental, religious, and sexual trauma that left me with complex PTSD. Through tremendous pain and effort, I made it through the most challenging experiences of my life for the better.

It is my life's passion to bring the experience of healing to other survivors.

What I believe.

I believe that the path to healing involves a holistic approach. I am an ardent advocate of traditional psychological therapies and psychopharmacological medications in conjunction with other treatments. They have saved my life on multiple occasions.


I also believe that the body is not separate from the mind or spirit in terms of healing trauma. The western-medical approach to healing is harmfully incomplete. I believe the most powerful paths to healing include the modernity of science and the wisdom of our ancestors and collective consciousness.

A critical axiom to my approach to healing is that it should always be client-centric. My work is not prescriptive, it is collaborative. Healing belongs to you as the client and I cannot/will not guide you to a place that you don't want to go.

Certified through the institutions listed below and insured by Alternative Balance.

Transparency in my continued education:

Access an every-growing library of meditations, yoga classes, and courses.

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